Revisit it another day….

Sometimes when working with Mo, it’s like he can read my mind.  We are moving in sync, he’s responding to everything I’m asking of him and I’m relaxed and moving in rhythm with his gait.  Moments like these are why I love riding, I actually feel like his legs are my own!

But there are times when no matter how many ques I give he isn’t responding.  Maybe I’m uptight from a stressful day or maybe he has a mental/physical block but whatever the reason, I know if I continue to ask for more we’re both going to become frustrated.

It’s kind of like that with people….

Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, if you’re trying to get your point across in a conversation but the other person isn’t responding they way you want, change the subject and consider revisiting the topic another day when they may be more open to the idea.

Points for staying at an Airbnb???

Found another good travel post talking about points for staying at an Airbnb.  We rarely stay at a hotel anymore for several reasons…I mean why try to fit 2 adults and one “monster” in a small hotel room when I can get a condo or home for the same price or better!  It’s always nice to have a kitchen (I actually like cooking now) and dining room to enjoy a meal or two so we aren’t eating out 3 times a day! If we’re doing a long stay I usually try to find one with a washer/dryer so we can pack lighter. All the pluses of an Airbnb and now we get travel points…that’s a no brainer!

Here’s part of the article from blogger Points Guy and Points & Miles backpacker:

If You’re Booking an Airbnb

Rumblings of an Airbnb loyalty program have been around for a while, but so far, nothing has materialized. However, there are several stackable options to earn a decent return on your stay.

Delta’s Airbnb Portal

All you have to do is go to this link, click through and enter your Delta SkyMiles number, and you’ll be taken to Airbnb’s website. Any booking made during your session will earn you one mile per dollar spent.

Earn one Delta Skymile
Earn one mile per dollar spent on Airbnb simply by booking through this link.
Buying Airbnb Gift Cards

If you’re planning to rent an apartment or home for your trip, be sure to check your local pharmacies, office supply stores or grocery stores for Airbnb gift cards. If you have cards that earn bonuses at any of these merchants, it can help boost your earnings significantly. Otherwise, purchasing Airbnb gift cards through the Mileage Plus X App will currently earn you 2 Mileage Plus miles per dollar spent, plus a 25% bonus, if you have a United card like the United Explorer Card, which you don’t actually have to use.

But if you’re seeking simplicity, Chase codes Airbnb as a travel provider, so you can still get 3x points using the Chase Sapphire Reserve.


72 Hour Flash Sale ends today!

We follow the Points Guy to keep a pulse on the latest travel and credit card deals but I kinda feel let down as we didn’t get the notice about this sale until the last day??  If you’re planning on coming out to see us, this might be a cheap way to get here…and of course, see Scandinavia enroute.

I pulled it up and looks like you can still book a ticket, I’ll put an extra Fruh Kolsch in the refridgerator for you!


One more celebration….

In our short time living in Germany, we’ve found more celebrations here than anywhere else we’ve lived (Philippines, Hong Kong, Alaska and 5 states in the lower 48).  Between Oktoberfest, Christmas Markets, Carnival, and spring Mai-fests there is always celebration happening or preparing to happen. Important to note that these aren’t one day events but rather month long events (Carnival lasts nearly 4 months).   About the time Carnival winds down spring Maifests kick in because you can’t just open a beer garden for the summer time. Obviously there should be month long celebration preparing for the summer opening of the beer gardens. The beer gardens keep the celebration rolling all summer which brings us back around to the start of Oktoberfest and it all repeats itself. So pretty much a year round ‘fest’ here in Germany.   

We managed to hit 4 or 5 really good Christmas Markets this year so we decided to give Carnival ‘a shot’ (bit of a pun here as you’ll see)  as well. I wasn’t sure how people dressed and what exactly the celebration included but we googled some pictures and decided to skip the parades and opening ceremonies (you know how we hate crowds) but instead decided to join a celebration at one of the local brew pubs in Bonn that we had been to before.  

I dug through a costume rack at the local Rewe grocery store and found a few things we could make work.  We read the crazier the better so crazy we did.
See photos below…(also note these pics were taken around noon, quite a festive crowd so early in the day!)

Here’s what I learned about Carnival, don’t show up if you’re not in costume!  in fact half the fun was the subway ride too Bonn and seeing 5 to 10 new costumes boarding at each stop (Hong Kong would be 100 each stop but that’s a different blog story). Everyone is dressed up, it’s like a Halloween party for adults…that lasts 4 days.  In the restaurant/ bars, all chairs are removed to allow more room to dance! You’ll need to hit one of the street food vendors along the way as the restaurants are only serving liquid refreshments during Carnival.

You need to know these fabulous people are serious about their Carnival party!  Bartenders were walking around pouring shots right out of the bottle into the open mouths of carnival goers.  We managed to avoid the bottle but with every beer we bought we were given a shot. The first time these little plastic shot cups were put in our hands, both bartenders raised their shot glasses in a toast.  I don’t normally do liquor but not wanting to be rude Woody and I picked up our glasses, cheered and dramatically threw back the shot….nothing….no fire water assaulting the throat, instead just laughing bartenders as we inspected our gravity defying upside down plastic shot glasses.  Trick shot glasses?…Nope… Turns out they were Jello shots…yes, that was our first ever! Anyone that knows me KNOWS I hate liquor and I don’t eat sugar but hey, when at Carnival…..

Europe may lose in days of sunshine per year but wins in number of celebration days!

Take some advice from a Dumb Blonde, when in Germany embrace the celebrations, you’re bound to be here during one of them no matter when you come because there’s always one more celebration.


We’re getting ready to head back to the states in April and have decided to get smart on upgrade options.  This includes digging through all the credit cards that offer miles as well as figuring out the travel classes that allow you to upgrade.  

As self proclaimed Travel Snobs, our goal is always to avoid the crowds!  When we started traveling with Woody’s company, we discovered the glorious world of business class!  There’s nothing like strapping into one of those big comfy seats and enjoying all that comes with the price of it.  Glass of champs in hand, warm towel to clean my hands and a menu with choices of a hot meal to pair with pretty good wines…and yes, less crowds!

Those coveted business class tickets were only issued for house hunting and relocating to the foreign domiciles, any travel back to the states were on us, so to the back of the plane I go.  It would take all my will power to walk past those extra large seats with their little pillow and blankets tucked neatly into the reclining chairs.

I don’t wear designer clothes or carry brand name bags but oh those seats!  It’s more than just reclining and watching a show, it’s the thrill of sharing an adventure so we’ve decided to figure out how to book not just one upgrade but two!  

Here are a few things we’ve learned so far about upgrading on United/Lufthansa

-it takes anywhere from 25k miles to 50k miles to upgrade one leg.
-you can’t upgrade to premium (thats ok with me…sorry Woody 😉 )
-there are 3 categories you can upgrade from, economy B and Y class (35k miles)
Premium economy A class (30k miles) and premium economy O class (20k miles)

The Untied site says you can upgrade from O-class to their new Polaris Business class for 15k miles.  I’ve never tried the Polaris Business…wonder what you get there?

We follow a few travel blogs and found Expert Flyer can notify you of upgrades avail. And you can check availability of business class seats there.  “God save the points” (blog) says it’s a game changer, we plan on signing up and will let you know how well it works.

We’ve decided to use the Discover Card with 3x the points but might sign up for the Chase MileagPlus card.  We just booked tickets for the kids to come out during their spring break and earned some miles…now to figure out how to claim those miles!   We’ll keep you posted.

Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, traveling Business class without paying the huge ticket price is the only way to travel (albeit I haven’t experienced first and don’t see that as an option after all, how much fun can one person have?).

Europe vs US….

We’ve been traveling all over Southern Europe for the past 6 months staying in hotels and Airbnb.  We love that many of the places we stay in Europe have king size beds with TWO comforters on them! It’s brilliant, we get to sleep together in the same bed but he can’t still the covers!  EU wins!

What we don’t like is the great big square pillows!! Your head takes up a small portion of the pillow but the pillow takes up a huge portion of the bed.  It seems like all the stuffing gets rearranged above your head during the night, leaving you about an inch of feathers to sleep on. US wins!
 Guess we’ll call it a tie!       

Know what disrespect looks like from your horse……

A horse may start with small signs of disrespect such as stomping his foot when you’re grooming.  Soon the stomping turns to yanking his foot away or worse, kicking while cleaning out the hoof. Be quick to reprimand this behavior so it doesn’t advance to bigger issues.

It’s kind of like that with people….

Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, a bully doesn’t always start off with a bite.  If you see a small sign of disrespect in a relationship, it’s best to deal with it immediately so it doesn’t progress.

Horseplay and head swinging….

My deck overlooks the gelding field in Va so I’ve spent hours watching the horses play.  I noticed they like to play a game that involves a lot of head swinging and the first one to move their feet losses.  It’s horseplay but they are in fact testing their place in the herd.

So if your horse swings his head around you, he may be testing his place in your herd.  Don’t take it personally, just keep your feet planted and use your lead rope to move him back.

It’s kind of like that with people…

Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, sometimes those closest to us try to test our boundaries, don’t take it personally just stand your ground!

50 and “Freaking”!

Ok, so you all know I’m a few years into my 50’s already and I’m not dealing with it very well!  I have been trying to find a product that will erase the years of abuse I’ve dished out to my body.  I hate watching tutorials of young girls showing older women what makeup we should use and watching older woman with great skin show me a product that will work on my not so great skin.   I’m sure most women have a daily beauty routine that probably include a good scrub and moisturizer, but I’m searching for products that can help those of us that didn’t always put the effort into taking care of our skin.  Heck, there have been nights that I crawled in bed with a face full of makeup still on and tried to channel my inner “geisha girl” sleeping on my back so the makeup would stay in place for breakfast.


I started doing Botox a few years ago but like everything else, I wasn’t consistent.  I didn’t do my research to find a qualified doctor and ended up with a few botched jobs (some of you may remember) and had to live with a crooked mouth and one seriously arched eyebrow for 6 months!  Even worse was the opposite eyebrow was drooping so bad I had to use my finger to open my eye in the mornings.


While I’ve yet to find that miracle product that erases years, I did find a really nice foundation that doesn’t settle into the fine lines and wrinkles.  I love that it comes with it’s own concealer. I was skeptical at first but I love this concealer, it’s as nice as the foundation and they both cover well without feeling too heavy.  I advise you to go lite on the finishing spray, I found using my normal amount took away from the “dewy” look it gives your skin.


Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation is ”freaking” good!  It’s expensive but thick so you don’t need to use much.  I found a bottle on (German Amazon) for 50.00 Euro.


I’m including a tutorial by the beautiful (and young) Chloe Morello so you can see how good the foundation looks and how bright the concealer is.


My fabulous daughter informed me about animal testing so I made sure to include the article below showing La Prairie is CRUELTY FREE!